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We measure our success in the community by a number of metrics Including:

- The number of team members who volunteer their time

- The amount of money we raise for charitable causes

- The number of employees involved in community service projects


We also strive to be a sustainable company, which means being environmentally and socially responsible in everything we do. 


We’re taking action on climate change by reducing our emissions and investing in renewable energy.


We’re working to reduce our waste and increase recycling.


We’re proud to invest in programs that create opportunities for the next generation




We’re working to create an inclusive economy that benefits everyone, with a particular focus on those who are most vulnerable. 

We know that our success is inextricably linked to the well-being of the communities we serve. It also means being a force for good in Florida & around the world. Our team members volunteer their time and skills to support causes they care about. Our company supports them by matching their donations and giving them paid time off to volunteer. We also invest in programs that create opportunities for the next generation, because we know that a better future for all of us starts with investing in young people today.

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